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Track Title Year Audio
1981 Eclipse Slideshow - Our Savior Centerreach - 1-16-1992 (2nd half lost)1992Play
Address to Cornell University - 3-5-19941994Play
Bavarian Inn - 19811981Play
Believing is Seeing - St. Paul Bethpage - 4-18-19931993Play
Church Dinner - New Hyde Park - 4-24-19881988Play
Creation vs. Evolution Debate - Trinklein vs. Gurin - WOR 6-18-19811981Play
Creation/Evolution Debate - Patricia McCann Show - WOR - 6-18-19811981Play
Dial-a-Devotion - 2-1-19821982Play
Dr Immanual Velikousky - 3-25-19741974Play
Nassau Community College Good News Breakfast1984Play
Eclipse Slideshow - Chapel - 3-24-19821982Play
Eclipse Sounds: Margaret(Empire) Fred(Kiwanis)Play
Effective Witnessing - St. Luke, Dix Hills, 1-23-19771977Play
Evolution vs Specific Creation - Full Gospel Businessmens Fellowship International FGBMFI - 4-16-19821982Play
Extent of the Universe - Part 1 - Gurneys Inn 8-23-821982Play
Extent of the Universe - Part 2 - Gurneys Inn 8-24-821982Play
Extent of the Universe, GOS - Bali Club, Orlando, FL - 4-7-19831983Play
FGBMFI - 10/27/19791979Play
Fact and Theory - Orlando, FL - 10/4/19791979Play
Family Reception 7-30-19781978Play
Flushing: What is Science? - 10/4/19811981Play
Sermon - St. Luke's, Dix Hills1976Play
Sermon 8-22-19761976Play
Fred and Margaret Interview - WLIX by Fran Slotkin of LILC - 6-20-1976Play
Fred on Point of View - WQXR NY - 6-9-19811981Play
German Centennial Service - Sand Prarie, IL - June 26, 19771977Play
Proving the Existence of God1975Play
Good News Breakfast - Plainview NY - 4-20-19881988Play
Good News Men's Breakfast - 6-16-19821982Play
How Far Did E.T. Phone? - Sand Prairie IL - 8-21-19831983Play
John the Baptist as Our Role Model - Grace Church - 12-12-19991999Play
LB Office - Betty Peterson - 7-21-771977Play
Lecture 1: Modern Science - 1/4/19811981Play
Lesson 2: What is Faith?1981Play
Lecture 3: Miracles - Malverne 3/1/19811981Play
Life in Outer Space - Gurney's Inn - 8-9-19821982Play
LuHi's Opening Service - September 19791979Play
Malverne 4Play
Malverne No. 4 - The Church - 4/5/19811981Play
Men's Fellowship, New Life Community Church - W. Sayville NY - 1/27/19811981Play
Miracles - Plainview Series - 10-1-19781978Play
Miracles - Redeemer Flushing - 10-25-19811981Play
Port Washington: Miracles1975Play
Nobel Conference - Kusch, Walton, Brattain, Libby, Bloch1975Play
Numbering Our Days - St Paul's Bethpage - 1-3-19931993Play
Nurnberg Visit - 10-17-1968.mp31968Play
Opening Devotions - LuHi Faculty Retreat - January 26,19811981Play
Pemberton to Pearth - Solar Ecplise - Dr SE WilliamsPlay
Prayer and Praise Rally - Garden City - 11/11/19791979Play
Principals Conference Banquet - NYC - 2-27-19871987Play
Proving the Existence of God - Plainview - 9-24-19781978Play
Dr. Carl Sagan Interviewed by Dr. Frederick TrinkleinPlay
Science, Faith and the Future - Orlando, FL - 10/4/19791979Play
Science, Faith and the Power of God - Resurrection Lutheran Church - Garden City - 11/11/19791979Play
Science and the Christian Faith - FGBMFI - 6-5-19821982Play
Science and the Church - Port Washington 10-5-1975Play
Sermon - Good Shepherd, Plainview - 6-4-19761976Play
Sermon - Suffolk Lutheran High School - 9-20-19811981Play
Service of Worship and Intercession - Calvary - 9-19-19801980Play
Solar Eclipses, Etc - Bali Club, Orlando, FL - 4-6-19831983Play
Stelzer Sermon - 1-10-19931993Play
The 12 Year Old in the Temple - 11:45 Service - Calvary - 12-29-19851985Play
The 12 Year Old in the Temple - 945 Service - Calvary - 12-29-19851985Play
The Church in the Modern World - Plainview - 10/8/19781978Play
The Role of the Church - Redeemer Flushing - 11-1-19811981Play
The Star of Bethlehem - Gurneys Inn - 1-14-19831983Play
The Star of Bethlehem - Gurney's Inn - 1-15-19831983Play
The Sun: Is It Dying? - Gurneys Inn - 9-4-19821982Play
Total Solar Eclipse - Lundar, Manitoba, Canada - 2-26-1979 - Dr. Fred Hess1979Play
Total Solar Eclipse - Lundar, Manitoba, Canada - 2-26-1979 - Fred Hess1979Play
What is Faith? - Redeemer Flusing - 10-19-1981Play
Science and Faith (The God of Science Lectures - Recording B)
Lecture 11976Play
Lecture 21976Play
Lecture 31976Play
Lecture 41976Play
Lecture 51976Play
Science and the Bible (The God of Science Lectures - Recording A)
Lecture 1Play
Lecture 2Play
Lecture 3Play
Lecture 4Play
Lecture 5Play
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